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Make text files called "mappers" in which pairs of strings are listed. Then there are two functions TransPad can do with mappers, which make TransPad worth running and being called by a hot key any time, while you are computing on other programs !

Autocomplete Search & Copy/Run of Frequent Strings

Tired of typing frequent strings (words, phrases, ...) ? Afraid of misspelling important strings (addresses, URLs, company names, ...) ? Want to define and use your own dictionary of vocabulary or terminology ? Sick of clicking to run or open a file? TransPad lets you switch to it's window by a hot-key, from your application (editor, wordprocessor, email composer, ...), search a list of strings by a autocomplete typing, and return to the application with the selected string copied into the clipboard just by pressing a key. Pressing other key copies the string "paired" to the selected string or runs(opens) a file if the paired one is the path.

String to String Transformation of a File or Clipboard

Are you bored of searching and replacing in your document editor ? You might be, if you have a set of many strings to change in some cases:

  • Before sending your document to a translator, you might want to change some secrete names, numbers, words or phrases into other strings. After you receive the translated document, you surely need to restore the strings.

  • There are many other cases where many strings need to be changed. If you are a translator, your work will be more comfortable if a set of simple strings in the document are changed by one click.

  • You might want to change your document, character by character, to protect it from other persons. It is a kind of encryption. But you might not even try to do it on your document editor.

The problem is not only spending a long time in brute force work (many searchings and replacings) on your editor, but also the process itself. Points of the process problem is described in the last item of TransPad features listed below.

By TransPad you can search a text for a set of strings and replace them, by one click, according to your mapping prescription called a mapper. Important features are:

  • A mapper is a file in which you list pairs of strings. When the 1st string of a pair is found in a document, TransPad replace it by the 2nd.

  • Your document can be a clipboard content, as well as a file. Therefore you can make TransPad work on your document editor.

  • Imagin a process, where you start from the head of the document to see if it contains one of the strings you want to change, move to the next part of the document, and so on. That is what TransPad does when you click.

    Such a process is different from a process, in which you search the document for a string to replace, search again the document for other string, and so on. The latter process is what you might do on your editor, without TransPad. In many cases the results of the two processes are the same. But there are also many cases in which a string search-and-replace influences the next string search-and-replace in the latter process, and the results of the two processes can be different from each other. In that case the result of the latter process can be totally far from what you expect. One of extreme cases is a character by character transformation.

    Without Transpad, you might not even manually try the former process because the search-and-replace function of your editor is useless.

For more information, preview the manual.

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