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To measure, count
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check [View]->[Control] menu after installation!

SeriCon is a universal PC interface program to your target hardware. It receives data from the target to show not only texts but also numbers and graphics, and sends the target mouse clicks as well as texts and numbers. SeriCon also can be used to utilize the control-bits in a serial port to measure and generate pulses. Important features are:

  • RxD: SeriCon stops the normal character mode when it receives three 0 bytes, and turns into the "function" mode. Let your target send SeriCon, a "function type" byte and the "arguments" data. Then SeriCon converts them into texts and graphics, like C printf and Win32 drawing functions.

  • TxD: Not only characters but also 8/16/32-bits binary numbers can be sent easily by typing, with automation (variable period and number of times). Mouse clicks on the graphics also can be sent to the target with the signal byte defined by it.

  • To help you program the target('s MCU or microcontroller) to send/receive such forms of data, a library and example codes with the source files are included in the package. While they are in C and for dos targets (other PC or embedded board), you may easily modify them to construct libraries for your targets.

  • 3 control-bits CTS, DSR and RLSD (also called DCD), which have been used by other programs just to control the serial communication, now can be used to read and display some signals from your hardware. For each bit (pin), the present level(high or low), the count of level changes (pulse), and the level durations with linear or exponential transformations, can be displayed.

  • 2 control-bits RTS and DTR also can be utilized to send static or dynamic signals with variable specifications (periods, level durations, and numbers of cycles) to your hardware, including a DC motor. Also they can pulsate in such a way to drive a stepper motor, with the 3 inputs selectable to stop it.

  • A file (sound file or program, for example) can be specified for an 'action' to be excuted when an 'event' occurs. You can define an event to be a situation where an input pulse count reachs a specified value or where receives a specified character.

If you don't have a microcontroller project now to test the protocol, try the free DOS applications PulsePar or ScopePar to turn an old PC into an 8-Ch pulse generator or a 5-Ch square wave oscilloscope with triggering-in/out. You can view or control the pulse waves by SeriCon on your GUI PC connected to it.

Use DTR/RTS to make pulses, and use CTS/DSR/RLSD to view pulses, in your apparatus, from a simple on/off circuit to a motor-driver and measurements: If you have a comparator IC and some resistors and capacitors, SeriCon can work as 3 voltage meters.

Without a full license key, there are restrictions in some functions and the main window has the advertising area.

For more information, preview the manual.

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